Friday, September 1, 2017 announces 2017 American Scholarship Winner!

9/01/17 – is proud to announce the winner of the 11th annual Travel Scholarship to an American citizen! This year, choosing one winner amongst the many outstanding applicants was one of the most difficult ever. We received dozens of applications with essays describing a variety of ambitious and laudable backgrounds and aspirations. Semi-finalists included:
  • An exemplary student at Waseda University working towards a career as a diplomat in East Asia
  • A Public Health & Political Science student that will be studying in South Korea
  • A student that hopes to help bridge the international communications and art industries
  • An exchange student that plans on being a translator and a voice for diverse cultures
  • And many more
 Clearly, we are deeply gratified with the ambition and accomplishments of our applicants this year and common theme of wanting to reach out to another country. But none more so than this year’s scholarship winner, Phoenix Bartlett.
Her tenacity was evident at a young age, when due to family financial and health-related difficulties, she started working outside the home in her mid-teens while also taking care of her younger siblings. During this time, she maintained a high GPA, and was accepted into a college in Northern California where she earned her AS degree in Business Administration while working 2 jobs, and active in many student extracurricular pursuits.
Her long-held interest in Asia first found expression in a mission trip to Thailand, where she describes witnessing the travesties of human trafficking and inequities in social justice. She’s now chosen Japan because of the excellence she sees within their media/communications and educational opportunities. And having been accepted at Temple University’s Japan Campus, she plans on majoring in International Business and Communications, and subsequently finding her place as a translator or contract negotiator between countries. We find her ambition to work with “people of influence who have the financial and political means to make a worldwide impact” on international relations and issues such as human trafficking to be exemplary of the mission and ideals of
We are proud to award this $1,000 travel scholarship to Phoenix Bartlett! Congratulations and best wishes to all our applicants in their aspirations!

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