Monday, July 11, 2011




非常に多くの素晴らしい候補者から、類まれな実績と抱負が言及された小論文が寄せられました。その中からお一人の方を選考することは非常に困難な作業でしたが、選考された方の小論文は、hashi.orgの趣旨と目標に沿っていることが顕著でした。河合純さん1000ドルのHashi.奨学金受賞、おめでとうございます。我々はあなたにこの奨学金を御贈りすることを光栄に思います。 is proud to announce the winner of the 5th annual Travel Scholarship to a Japanese citizen! We received many, fine applications, with essays describing a variety of backgrounds. Semi-finalists included a political science major, et al.

But our winner is coming to research as a Fellow at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Although he is a PhD student of Yokohama National University in Japan, his study is a joint research NASA and Japan.
He'll be volunteering a few times a week to teach Japanese. That Volunteer Club is having people from many countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan, India, USA, and Israel. He'll be teaching about Japanese culture and customs by talking normal everyday life.

With so many worthy applicants, with admirable accomplishments and aspirations, it was extremely difficult to choose just one. But the winner’s application proved to be the finest example of the ideals and goals of While there were many worthy submissions, is proud to award a $1,000 travel scholarship to Jun Kawai! Congratulations!

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