Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hashi.org Announces American Scholarship Winner!

Hashi.org is proud to announce the winner of the 4th annual Travel Scholarship to an American citizen! The number of applications received exceeded previous application periods, and we received many, fine applications, with essays describing a variety of backgrounds. Semi-finalists included American students going to study at Waseda and Temple Universities in Japan, studying to be translators and educators, one student studying Koreans living in Japan, and one studying the dying art form of Japanese woodcut prints.

But our winner is an International Studies major here in the U.S. who will be participating in an ISEP Exchange yearlong program at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan. His interest in the unification of a global, intercultural community, has to date found expressing in his interest in visual mediums. At his own university, he has worked as a lead coordinator for an international film festival.
Through his coursework at Toyo University, including Urban Habitation, Visual Sociology and Japanese and American Cultural Studies, he looks forward to fully and effectively pursuing his interests in the expression of culture through visual and social mediums, and discover how these expressions are affected by the interaction between Japanese and American cultures.

Our judges of the applications found this scholarship decision the hardest one yet. With so many worthy applicants, with admirable accomplishments and aspirations, it was extremely difficult to choose just one. But the winner’s application proved to be the finest example of the ideals and goals of hashi.org. While there were many worthy submissions, Hashi.org is proud to award a $1,000 travel scholarship to Andrew Z Le! Congratulations!

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