Friday, May 23, 2008 Goes To Japan - May/June 2008

In an effort to promote the scholarship program, I'll be in Japan from 5/29 to 6/4/08. The trip will begin in Tokyo, where I'll be for 3 days.

During that time, I'll be meeting with members of the media, with friends, and doing a live show in Asaga ya. Truly, with music as the medium, I've been blessed with many opportunities to "spread the word" and extend the hand of friendship in a way that's fun, authentic, and (happily) well-received.
From Tokyo, I'll go up to Kyoto for a couple of days, and again, do my best to spread the word about scholarships, and also enjoy the warm hospitality of friends in my favorite city in the world...

I'm also looking forward to mid-June, when we'll review the applications for the Japanese scholarship, and make the award on July 1st. Last year's winner has made us proud - Yoneda Sachiko - has been doing an intership in Seoul, South Korea as an architect student, and used our scholarship money to study the similarites between Japanese and Korean architecture and to draw parallels with cultural similarities and differences.

Stay tuned as we reach out in our little way, at a time when our world can use all the 'reaching out' it can get...

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