Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to!

Welcome to! A searchable database of cultural exchange opportunities between America and South East Asia. This site supports English, 日本語 (Japanese)、and 한국어 (Korean). We are excited to be building in order to make it easy for you to find opportunities to reach out - whether it's finding a new job half way around the world, or just finding a pen-pal in another country- is dedicated to being a "bridge," from one person to another, one country to another. You can help us by offering your suggestions, participating in these forums, and letting us know about your 'reaching out' experiences. Also, we depend on you to submit new opportunities to be explored by others in Asia or America. So, have fun! And let us hear from you! Michael


Robert said...

You have amassed a wealth of information here. I especially liked the volunteer opportunities overseas that could turn a vacation into a memorable experience. Keep up the good work.

Ang Kit said...

I think it is almost as though the new people in my life are also extending a bridge to me, so its not hard to make things work.

マイケルJドウニ said...

Thank you all for writing. I'm in Tokyo now, and I was talking with a friend here yesterday about America's relations with Southeast Asia. Although he lives here in Japan, he was born in Thailand, and remarked how good relations are between these countries and America, in spite of America's history with them both. We are truly fortunate that people, and cultures, have a way of moving on, and if not forgiving, accepting the past as the past, and moving forward.

I, as an American, still wrestle with those ghosts when I'm here. For example, last night over dinner, someone from down the table was talking about doing a show in Nagasaki. He asked if I "knew" Nagasaki. I squirmed as I nodded, and wondered about how my Japanese companions feel about Americans. Or if they ever wonder how Americans feel about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But, taking their cue, the important thing is moving forward. As a wise institution once said..."Making amends does not mean saying you're sorry. Making amends means changing your ways such that you avoid offending again."

What a proud, quiet strength I'm infused with when I'm here.

マイケルJドウニ said...

Thanks to all who have sent emails, and words of encouragement in the last couple of months! Although progress seems slow, we have been moving forward with, and are excited about what the rest of 2006 holds in store!
* has been granted non-profit corporation status by the state of California
* We've opened a bank account, and are working on administration of the first year's scholarship program.
* Our web designer, Miki Yuzuwa, is working diligently on the new look for the home pages of To be unveiled soon!
* We've designed and are having T-shirts printed
* Plans and preparations are moving forward for Michael's 2006 Hashi tour - to include Japan, Korea, and China, in September.
We'll keep you posted...